things that make you go mmmm
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2001-07-27 04:13:33 (UTC)

July 26, 2001

One word to sum up the past few days- WOW!!! Cameron
actually gave me my rings back from way back in the day,
which was totally random bc I didn't tell him where I
work... I finally met up with Gavin!! He is the coolest.
Truly. Wow. Whoa. Wow. Today I called in to work, but then
I couldn't get ahold of his little Indiana ass, so I went
shopping with Spenser and Brent. I bought pointe shoes :-D.
My toes and ankles are killing me, I love it!! I talked to
Mark for a little bit, and otherwise just chilled out in
the hood. I want a man to catch fireflies with....

The word of the day is: jacuzzi :-D

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