this incarnation
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2001-07-27 04:11:56 (UTC)

inner space trip

sitting comfortably in my favorite chair
i close my eyes to relax
forget about the outside world for a moment
focus on myself
in front of me a deep shimmering blue sphere
slowly begins to spin
captivated by the color ahead
yet still aware of my surroundings
starting right above my head
up agianst the ceiling
the same deep blue begins to appear
moving outward and down
as if it had been spilled on my room
covered by this heavy color
everything collapses
around me
sitting comfortably in my favorite chair
watching the shimmering sphere speed up
looking up i see the night sky
to the horizons it touches
in every direction
stars manifest
one by one
brighter than ever before
so much that they make me glow
i can feel it on my skin
as the stars continue to multiply
the shimmering sphere moves my way
pausing for a few seconds
10 inches from my face
then moving towards my hands
i reach out instinctivly
to hold it in my hands
once held i knew i couldnt let go
even if i tried
it pulled me
faster than a jet plane
stars multiplying
once above me now around me
upwards i fly
past me lights go by
can i even take this anymore
and then
just like that
chillin with the stars
deep blue shimmering seperated itself from my hands
speeding off into the distance
where it began to grow
geting bigger and bigger and bigger
shimmering deep blue
what a sight
planet shimmer forms a ring
that anyone can ride on
but for right now its for me
and my skateboard
here i dont run out of breath
and there is no such thing as time
i fly
round and round and round
now that my sphere is all grown up
theres no way to get down
then a multitude of big red balloons
flow up from underneath me
one balloon to every star
soft red ribbon holding them tightly closed
dangling to the earth
thats my ride
time to go

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