Pure Belligerence
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2001-07-27 03:53:11 (UTC)

*Long time no write*

I havent written in a while.... i dunno.... i guess im
bored with life so there wasnt much to write. Thanks
crynevercries and The Chronic Koala.... feedback..... i
like feedback.... my cousin jeff has been staying over a
lot... i went to see legally blond today.... veroni came
over the other day and we went swimming in the lake and i
got one hell of a sunburn on my shoulders and back and the
allergic reaction hives i always get after swimming in that
lake... i will never learn... i talked to roxy for the
first time since shes been back from vaca... oh and me
veroni and alicia applied for jobs at big y..... roxy
already has one there.... i didnt get my call back yet but
im sure i will because theyre desperate for people and
alicia and veroni both got call backs the day after they
handed in their applications. Hmm.... my first job... the
only reason im doing this is so i can afford a car.
Speaking of cars- iv been driving a lot and im now
realizing how hard it is... my parents make it look easy.
Who would have thought?