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2002-09-25 04:57:06 (UTC)

lets tell the girls to be strong, to be sure, to be heard

her(12:29:33 AM): love you kid

Auto response from (12:29:33 AM): hell yeah for homework

me(12:29:42 AM): i love you too.
her(12:29:43 AM): yeah
her(12:29:54 AM): love you tons
me(12:30:05 AM): uh huh..
her (12:31:11 AM): love you
me (12:31:13 AM): yeah
me(12:31:16 AM): you too
me12:31:18 AM): bye.
her (12:31:22 AM): bye baby

its funny to me. i mean. i just dont get what the fuck
people want from me. and im done giving most everyone
anything man. lol. cuz i just dont feel shit for anyone
expect for a couple of people right about now. and im
being a bitch.

funny you know.

i thought some would never stop you know. but fuck did
they man. fuck did they...

and you know. its really good. im really good. i just
havent really taken the time to realize it recently cuz
ive been busy thinking about other stuff. but...i am.

its just like...sometimes nothing. then sometimes its like
it just hits people. like FUCK ashleys a good person and i
love her. why is it only sometimes? i just dont fucking
understand. its so weird and stupid. perfectly fine not
talking to me for however long and then one day...out of
no where most of the time. and then itll be like that for
a certain alotted period of time until whatever and then
its nothing until it hits them again. or until they need
me. and then of course im there for them because III
honestly DO fucking care about people.

but im over that man. im over caring if im not getting the
same in return. for real. fuck it.

no more people calling me crying in the middle of the
night. or people calling me when they get kicked out. or
when they breakup with whoever theyre dating. no. ut uh.
that right is reserved for very specific people from now
on...i will be regulating. just watch me go yall.

im just over people leaving and then coming back into my
life. someone just needs to stick around you know. for all
of it. not just when they realize.

and im not even talking about on a relationship level, im
just talking about friendship. you know.

yawn whatever im over my ranting and im going to sleep now