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2002-09-25 04:36:41 (UTC)

babysit - oops

yeah... apparently i was supposed to babysit for the
padgets tonight - they have the cutest little girls that are
just darlings - but i ended up working at target. i blame
it on mis-communication or something - all i know is
that she is really super pissed - and she's one to hold
grudges - i'm scared

ok - more bad news - update on the bo issue - it seems
it is going nowhere. lauren elizabeth ripley keeps
asking about katie and bo says things are fine - are
they? i don't know. apparently bo was in onna them
moods last night - i'm not sure you'd know what i mean,
just go with it - yeah, she was upset about something
and she couldn't really tell me. i feel kinda hurt.

marisol came into target today - i told her i cried when she left - i
said it as a joke - but it's true: i get way too attached to people -
but she's having a baby, though! horay! she is adorable!! i miss
her bad

G - SA meeting actually went semi - well today... we elected...
some not - so leader - type people got office, that bothers me a
tad, just cause they're all a buncha rowdy kids and it's hard to
keep things in line especially with swift's stupid "let's think"
questions... grr! oh well... i feel bad, i didn't realize lauren
elizabeth ripley was all for vp, i got nominated to run against
her... et won, that , of course... seniority is a crock of shit - but it
was so cute - lauren and et - gosh! - lauren was obviously flirting
it up and et didn't really say she was weird - perhaps this is a
step in the right direction - btw - for the record: lauren so
deserves an office over that slacker - danielle - i am greatly
bothered, though, i need so bad to talk to my friend jen about
religious issues - why do people have to be so mean?

on a better note - i had a lesson with the mr. p today -
wow! i actually showed up?! i need to make a record for
the carmen sandiego award, this is not good - haha -
but yeah, at the end of my lesson he told me straight
out that i should deffinately challenge nikki out of first
chair - he says i can do it. - i know i can

well i think i may go silently practice - no one is on and i
am bored!

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