Nick's Journal
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2002-09-25 04:20:10 (UTC)


it's funny how extremely fragile our perception's almost as fragile as our state of mind. it
can be altered by any and all, and all we can do is really
try to hold on, and just be kind. to show pity, to show
grief. to offer relief. appreciate who we are in light
of our greatest vice. just live and not just suffice.
for example. if the girl infront of me is obese it's not
horrible for me to think : "geez it looks like an rosie
o'donnell swallowed and orca whale, crapped this thing out
in front of me, and then beat it with the ugly stick for a
couple of minutes."
no prob there.
however, telling the girl..........the most horrid thing
i'd change her state of mind (no one thinks about how i
look), and her perception of people (now we ARE mean
assholes). it's a complexing we REALLY
want to know about all the horrible things in this world?
or do we just force ourselves for our own good? and what
good is it if we do? is there an intrinsic good or are we
just trying to "harden" ourselves?
there was a guy in the gym a while ago that did the
weirdest execrise. during his situps he'd punch himself
in the stomach and yell. after he was done he lifted up
his shirt to his face and admired his abs for 5 mins.
just looked at them.
what's his perception of himself.......others?
his state of mind? considering he has one.
what's the state of mind of liberals.....of conservatives.