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2001-07-27 03:35:07 (UTC)

I need a life...

BabyLatina9086: hey girl
Koul tshik: hey
BabyLatina9086: wassup
Koul tshik: nm, u?
BabyLatina9086: nuttin
Koul tshik: i think i'm gonna die of boredom...hey then i
won't have to kill myself...kool
BabyLatina9086: nope nope
BabyLatina9086: i wont let u
Koul tshik: hehe y not?
BabyLatina9086: because then i would cry very hard
BabyLatina9086: []
Koul tshik: sure ya would
BabyLatina9086: i would would u cry if i died (probably
Koul tshik: of course i would
BabyLatina9086: nu uh
Koul tshik: uh huh
BabyLatina9086: nu uh
Koul tshik: would 2 so []
BabyLatina9086: nu uh so []
BabyLatina9086: yup yup
Koul tshik: whatever, i win
BabyLatina9086: sure i guess
BabyLatina9086: but i would cry
Koul tshik: if u say so
BabyLatina9086: i would 4 realz
Koul tshik: nobody'll cry when i die
BabyLatina9086: uh hu
BabyLatina9086: your mama,papa,grandma,grandpa, me,
BabyLatina9086: all them people
Koul tshik: my mom will be happy, my stepmom hates me so
she'll take over my dad's mind and tell him it's good that
i'm dead, my grandma i really don't care about, my
grandpa's dead, u have better things to waist tears on, and
timmy...i don't think he'll miss me too much
BabyLatina9086: i think even more people would cry than
Koul tshik: i don't
BabyLatina9086: i do
Koul tshik: only in my dream world where everything is
perfect for me and people like me's everything
opposite of my life now
BabyLatina9086: same here
Koul tshik: i wish it was real
BabyLatina9086: plus crunk hasnt tried to contact me in
any way for the last 2 days so he dont like me i win that
Koul tshik: actually, he asked about u when i was talkin
to him last night
Koul tshik: he said u needed to get online
Koul tshik: he wanted to talk to u
BabyLatina9086: u lie!!!!!!!!!!!! u aren't a guy r u?
BabyLatina9086: they lie u know!
Koul tshik: i'm not lyin and i'm not a guy
BabyLatina9086: lol
Koul tshik: i have proof i have the im in my diary
BabyLatina9086: nu uh
BabyLatina9086: u lie!
BabyLatina9086: []
Koul tshik: i swear, hold on i'll give u the link and u can look
BabyLatina9086: i believe u
BabyLatina9086: u dont have to
Koul tshik: My free online diary the 2nd to last entry
Koul tshik: after the im w/ u
BabyLatina9086: ok
BabyLatina9086: brb
Koul tshik: k
BabyLatina9086: it lies!
Koul tshik: whatever
BabyLatina9086: lol
BabyLatina9086: thanx a bunccch!
Koul tshik: i still say he likes u
BabyLatina9086: nope
Koul tshik: think what u want, but i think he does
BabyLatina9086: ok i will
Koul tshik: whatever, i'm right, but that's ok
BabyLatina9086: if u say so but u wanna know sumthing?
Koul tshik: what?
BabyLatina9086: i'm talkin to kandiz and she has a really big crush
on him and i cant take him anyways from her
Koul tshik: alright fine i give up
BabyLatina9086: ok
BabyLatina9086: I WIN!
Koul tshik: u can think that if u want to
BabyLatina9086: I WILL
Koul tshik: ok then
BabyLatina9086: OK
Koul tshik: hehe
BabyLatina9086: lALALALALALALA
Koul tshik: i wanna talk to timmy
BabyLatina9086: then send him an e mail
Koul tshik: i did, i said he should start a diary zine
BabyLatina9086: oh
Koul tshik: i wanna actually chat with him now though
Koul tshik: i haven't for like 3 days
BabyLatina9086: y not?
Koul tshik: he hasn't been on when i am
BabyLatina9086: y not?
Koul tshik: i dunno ask him
*more later*