Reinhardt boy

A funny thing called life!
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2002-09-25 03:31:12 (UTC)

understning things.

Well i never really undrestood the point of a journal
untill now. i always would talk to somone what i wanted to
talk about but these days things aren't so easy to tell
people. Life is funny like when you do things you don't
plan to do. I like to go out and do things but here lately
it just doesn't work out that way. my job gets in the way i
hate my job I work like 90 hrs every two weeksand a full
time colege student. As if you could tell look at my
spelling. oh well. i usually don't get my hopes up much.
i live in a small stupid fucking town with nothing to do. i
can't wait till i move to the city. i used to stay in
atlanta with my friend. there are so many peopledown there.
i realy like to have fun but everything is so common things
aren't unique any more. My girlfreind haven't really went
to do anything great yet becuse i don't know what to go do.
I would really like to do somthing great for her. but i
have't a clue but hopefully next weak i will figure out
somthing to do that is really fun. I want to make her happy
and change her attitude towards boys. But in the process i
don't want to mess things up. There are things that bother
me that can't talk about. i know hw to change them but.
things that i was going to do that meant somthing from me
but i am afraid they wouldn't be taking that way i really
need to think of somthing to do or maybe i am jsut thinking
to hard. wow this is really getting to me. why is it
getting to me? damnit!!am i trying to hard in? This is a
big change for me every girl i have ever went out with i
was really good freinds with before. I knew what they liked
i knew what to do. these days i find my self lost and
confused more than ever. but evrything is good itis crazy.
idon't understand i hate not understanding this sounds so
confusing. i could cry right now but i ever cry/ i only cry
when i fight with my dad i quit crying over girls along
time ago why do i feel this need to break down. is it
because i am happy or fear or things screwing up i want to
know but i don't/ i should of never strarted writing in
this thing i haft to go now.

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