2001-07-27 03:26:25 (UTC)

a little hullabaloo

I don't know if any one else cares, but tommorrow is a big
night for me. Why? It's not a big date or a big job
interview (I'm only 17, so I am pretty much out of the big
job interview thing) but Bret Saberhagen is coming off of
two year of rehab to pitch for the BOSTON RED SOX!
Okay,that is a little sick, I give you that, but still,
this is a big deal. As you can see, baseball is right up
there with movies on my favorite things list. Well, I need
to go to sleep, I worked at Gap today and that is tiring,
well, more brainwashing then tiring, but hey, who's
counting. So I'll write late, my amigos.