The Shadow of Myself
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2001-07-27 03:21:15 (UTC)

it's all in a day...

I just finished reading the first chapter of "Dead Man
Walking." I have to read it this summer before I go to
Miami University this fall. I know you're probably
saying.. why are you reading when there is a movie? Ok..
so I seriously hate reading.. but word on the street is
that the book and the movie are different enough to matter
if you had to do a report or a discussion. So I guess I'm
just trying to get myself started off well for college.

I had to work today. I work at a grocery store. A little
advice for you guys... grocery stores are stupid.. and you
shouldn't work at one.. haha. After work I went out to eat
with my mom, dad, and sister. We eat at the same
resturante like every week. There is this guy there that
always hits on me. He's pretty cute.. but my whole family
gets a kick out of how he is always like obviously flirting
with me. They're like.. yeah.. he wants you. But anyway..
that wasn't my point. I had an interview about 3 weeks ago
at the mall. I stopped in today after we ate, and they
were just about to call my references. They told my I
pretty much had the job, and since I know that my
references will do me justice then I'm excited. I'll get
to work at my favorite store in the mall!!! Yeah that
rocks! I am seriously into fashion. You get the biggest
discount ever when you work there.. :) Plus the atmosphere
is a lot more fun for an 18-year-old than a grocery store

So I have 3 weeks until I move in. I'm really excited.
Actually I'm like a little nervous. It's not too bad
though. I'm going to be rooming with my sister, so that
should really be interesting. It'll be nice b/c she can
show me around and teach me all the secrets.. :) I have a
feeling it's gonna be soo awesome! I can't wait to go!

That'll be all for now...