Reinhardt boy

A funny thing called life!
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2002-09-25 02:41:53 (UTC)

Blah blah Blah

Well it is my first time writing a journal. i don't really
know what to write about but i am going to try. Well i
catch you up to date about a month a go i met a girl. Well
we started taking and hanging out alot and started dating.I
really started liking her and now we are together. wow i
haven't been with somone in a long time it has been like 10
months since my last girl freind.Ever since my first girl
friend i haven't had much luck but maybe it will be
differnt this time. Who Knows? I am 19 and soon to be 20.
my gril freind is 17. she is the second girl i have bee
with that was younger than me i told myself i would never
date another girl younger than me. but i couldn't help it i
really liked her style and the way she acted. I guess t
just works that way. She is so scared to get attached but i
really wish she wouldn't be but she is who she is and
thinks what she wants. I am gonefor now but i will be back