A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
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2001-07-27 03:15:44 (UTC)

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allow me to reiterate, I'M NOT DEPRESSED! why do people
keep sending me letters to tell me to stop being upset and
depressed, I'm relatively a happy person I'm just fed up
with the atmosphere of this town I'm in. being trapped
takes a lot out of someone, I'm usually at that fed up
moment right before i type in this journal. Right now I'm
kind a fed up, because i was woken up to this phone call
from a person who seems to not get the picture. If any
thing I'm being stalked, nothing ever happened with me and
her but she assumes our friendship can be more. How come
when you tell some one you don't want to go out with then
do they keep pestering you with stupid little hints. she
called and let the phone ring off the hook, hung up and did
it again, i asked her why and she said "wasn't paying
attention, well you where obviously paying attention when
you dialed the number the second time, i need to get my
head out of the debt cloud, when this happens I'm going to
get another car, pursue my carrier again and this time no
ones going to stop me. i appreciate the concern but I'm not

Whoa the music industry has breached a far,
candiria, was on MTV, not the video but on MTV news. This
kind of angers me because the could not describe the
brilliant sound that is candiria so the simply call it
punk, why? I cant stand how once MTV finds music they have
to put a label on it, especially when its a label thats not
even the right one. Candiria is brutal hardcore, jazz, rap,
and rap core, all these elements fuse together, or they do
it once at a time. i think this is one of the greatest
bands to ever come out of the state of newyork.
"Brooklyn 718", if you know Brooklyn you know whats up.

"the change in tool", seems to be after maynerds encounter
with the guys from APC hes carrying his voice more, he
vocalizes hes sound in the form of more course's on the
lateralus album. if you go back to aenima you can hear no
set direction to the music, tool manages to take you to
different levels of emotion, where in lateralus i can feel
the musics repeating in some of the songs. This also is
found in the APC cd.. tool is a remarkable band, so is

we need a music channel thats dedicated to the music and
not the glamors of the people in the bands, think about it,
if they didn't play the music they would be as regular as
you and i, out of the 4 bands I've been in not once have we
ever bragged about what we would do if we where on MTV, or
how we would incorporate the music to be generated on MTV
with out worrying about the critics, music is from the
soul, every expression is from the heart. so how can you
label an expression to fit it into a category...

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