ted morrison jnr
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2001-07-27 03:07:45 (UTC)


a strange bus ride. thru the countryside for some reason,
headphones on, listening to cat power, favorite singer,
favorite band, worried that i may have entered some kind of
twilight zone, far after twilight. i finally found my way
home, hooked up with a vodka drink and sat down here to
rhapsodize poetic about the events of the day. but it never
stops there. we are all crazy. we all get on elevators with
complete strangers. we all feel fear and love. i have
developed a crush, random desire. is such a thing possible?
the eternal question: are we dreaming our lives or living
but who really cares? as long as we are breathing, smoking
our marijuana cigarettes and living free from the shackles
of subscribed redemption. ahhh, redemption. let's go
swimming, let's get drunk. i will follow. or lead.
anything is possible. every thing is possible. is there
sense, or no sense?
i love.

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