A Day in the Life of Me
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2002-09-25 02:24:03 (UTC)

opposites attract

Everything is as it should be. Fate is kind and destiny
is inevitable. Then why does nothing go the way it is
planned and everything the opposite of how I wish it to be?
True life is unfair to all at some point, but justice must
eventually be served. Seems as though once again I've
pushed eventually too far away until it has become never.
Never shall I and never will we. Dreams shan't come true;
sugarplums will not be edible.
Why is human nature to set up the big play only to
receive the ball right in the pants? Why is it my nature to
dream extremely huge and the disappointment be so unreal. I
want to curse everyone who has come across my path, but in
reality he doesn't even know me. My imagination runs away
with me and the prayers I pray every night on my knees hit
the rafters and bounce back down.
The only thing is I want to stare at the clouds and
let my mind wander away. I want to stay asleep and a bit
out of touch with reality. Maybe then I wouldn't have to
see everyday what I'm slowly losing. I wouldn't pay so much
attention to what I don't have and how badly I want it. But
if I'm in Never-Never Land right now and am seeing the real
world that won't stop hassling me, when will I see what I
want as reality? Will I ever wake up and live the life I
want to for real? Time knew to go on since the beginning,
so only she will tell. Fate is kind ; destiny is

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