Diary of the Weird
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2002-09-25 02:09:26 (UTC)


More bad news. Reading this, I realize I sound very
bitter and morbid. Maybe I should be. Your a unbiased
reader, you tell me. Anyway, as I said, more bad news. I
have two dogs, Zues and Apollo. Zues is about 16 and has
had arthretis for the last few years. I know he's old but
ussually he is always full of energy and playful. But the
last week he has lost massive amounts have hair and weight.
He can no longer walk up the steps from the basement to get
outside without assistance, and hates being kept upstairs.
I have coped with the thought of having him put to
sleep, but there is another problem. The dog belongs to my
dad, who is being a prick about the divorce and won't sign
anything he dosen't have to. Meening, I have to watch him
suffer because we can't have him put to sleep and my mom's
next court date isn't until late October, so we can't do
anything until then, and that is only if the judge says so
On top of all that, my friendships are becoming
strained. Some have grown stronger while appears others
have just about fell apart. People I care about don't
believe me and are giving me the cold shoulder. I don't
know what to do.