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2002-09-25 00:32:51 (UTC)


Well just got home from school we got out early but the
damn buses where paccked and I waited for one that wasn't
so full. Today I got into a little fight with Sniper wasn't
anything big. We talked things out and now we are happy
again. After school I came home for a little and then went
to my friends house there I was talking to my friends mom
cuz my mom was also there talking about my dad and all the
crap thats going on. My friends mom told me not to go to
court on Monday so that, that way the charges against my
dad will be dropped and he will only spend 6 months in jail
since he was already on probation. But then again that
means my dad will be able to come home, and I dont want to
be living here when he does. I dont know what to do
anymore, there is too much crap going on and so many people
that just dont understand what I am going through and all
they do is just talk shit taht doesnt even help but just
gives you more problems to think about. Well I have a
trillion things to do so imma go now hopefully ill die and
wont have to deal with all this shit anymore.