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2001-07-27 02:02:41 (UTC)

devil and his muses

He emails me. He dances the same old dance, with skeletons
and demons I am trying to forget. He talks of the lust he
had and lost, and what he thought was love, but I know is
fatal obsession. I wish him to go on..torment another soul.
I am sorry I ever met him, I ever kissed him and ever
whispered the words and secrets to his hallow ears. I told
him that I am begining a new chapter and that he means
nothing to me. I didn't want to rant to him like I am dying
to, I know it will do nothing but fuel him to lash back. He
will never grasp the concept of what he has done and
whoever he may have hurt in the process. Its a lost cause.
He says I love you...I say to hell with your lies.