Lenore the fool

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2002-09-25 00:00:44 (UTC)

Ah college

Well I'm in college now. I don't really feel like talking
about that right now. Why I decided to write was to get
out how i feel about this guy, yes big shocker me swooning
over a guy. This guy though is like the embodiment of
sexy he's cute funny has an unbelieveble smile. ANd it's
not just looks if it were just looks i would have looked
him over and been like yeah he's cute. He's cultured,
from another country, seems so happy and nice caring and
funny. He has sucjh a sweet warm inviting personality and
when he looks me in the eyes i see so much more. He is
just amazing he, as i said before, embodies everything i
consider to be sexy and attractive. And then he's more.
ah what a great place this college place is a giant pond
for fishing to catch the best fish in the world! lol just
kidding..........sort of.