Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
2002-09-24 23:05:18 (UTC)


Ok, yea, so Homecoming is coming up. I found like the
perfect dress and I wanted it soooooooooo bad, but
no..burnsides has it so now I cant get it. But the other
one I want is really pretty too. Erica got her's at JC
Penny's. Yeah, so I've lost like 16 pounds or say..give or
take a pound or two. Yeah, so uhm, i called slick (brandon)
last night and i dont even know why. I think i'm jst going
crazy or something, beats me. And then i got my progress
report and i'm not doing too hot. I have all As and Bs but
i want more As than i have right now. And I have like hella
homework to do tonight but I also have to be at work pretty
soon. Yeah, so I kinda want a date to the dance, but I
kinda dont, and im thinking that tiffeny is going to be
there because of adam and i'm not so sure that'd be a good
idea,because knowing me, i might just have to say something
to her. Tomorrow I have a pep club meeting and youth group
and now i'm in FTA and i'm in, i'm being really
random today. oh well. hehe, i guess i'm just in a good
mood. bye bye

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