Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-09-24 23:04:51 (UTC)

A silence fills the corridor, darkness lurks in every corner, fear is your only bedfellow...

Sorry for the slightly dramatic title but I couldn't think
of anything directly relating to what I'm going to be
saying. Just finsihed doing half of my dark washing at the
stupid laundrette. its so boring but neccessary, now I have
most of my clothes clean and wearable again although that
won't last too long. I'll probably take my backpack full of
clothes back with me when I go home this weekend, need to
fix SeeD as well, also need to bring up some ther things
like Sociology books that Joanne (next door neighbour back
home) gave me. I haven't even looked at the Gidden's
Sociology book I bought for the course and it cost £18!
Damn overpriced. Need to find out when the lectures are for
Computing Science. I just decided to do the easier course
because that was what I was registered for under the system
and it'd have been too much effort to change it when I'll
be in the same class 2nd semester anyway. Didn't go to the
Sociology lecture today, instead went up to Alexander Court
with Steven and hung at Sarah's for a while then played
some football with Steven, Stuart, Daniel and Gordon. Quite
good fun.

Lee and Colin had a fight last night, well more of a couple
of punches at each other but it still happened. Lee's
planning on moving out and asked if I wanted to switch with
him, I'll probably accept the deal although Lee didn't seem
to mind paying the £500 difference between my halls and
his, I think its slightly unfair but Lee doesn't. Think
thats all thats happenend since my last update so I'll sign
off for now.

Till next time Space Kittens!