The Story of Me
2001-07-27 01:35:47 (UTC)

A continuation of the everyday

I'm not quite sure what to write about. I'm trying to
search the confines of my brain for something intellectual
to say. Something that might be at least of some interest
to someone that might be reading this. Lord knows that my
day wasn't too interesting. I haven't been feeling too well
lately, so I've been sleeping a lot. Just woke up from a
nap actually.

So I've done a lot of thinking about how certain people
will dumb themselves down in order to talk to someone of a
level that they will understand. That is completely
understandable in some instances. For example, professors
do that all the time. They have to dumb themselves down in
order to teach intro classes. They won't use the extensive
vocabulary that they have obtained from studying the
subject for many years, but rather they are willing to
share their knowledge with you. But is it really neccessary
to dumb yourself down in order to talk about everyday life?
It's only normal that some people's intellectual stature is
superior to others. And I am in no way, shape or form
bragging about myself. I admit, I fair well in some areas,
but I no nothing about a lot of other areas. The only
difference is that I'm willing to learn. I love to
stimulate my brain, to think in abstact ways.

So what is my point? Is ignorance really bliss? Is knowing
nothing better than knowing all that you can? I for one
would not like to create my own little "bubble" to live in,
a fake illusion of reality. I would rather accept things no
matter the outcome.

I guess I do have something on my mind after all.

Talked with one of my mom's friends today for quite awhile.
He is one of those people that just inspire you to use your
brain. you really have to think to have a conversation with
him. We talked about the arts today, and how your emotions
really dominate your success sometimes. He plays the
saxophone and he said that if he is having an extreme high
or an extreme low, more soul is in his music,it makes him
play better. Same goes for me. I am not musically inclined,
but I do write. Not only this journal, but a lot of poetry,
and extreme highs and lows are when I write the best. But
the difference between him and I is that he will go out and
look to be emotionally hurt because it poses a challenge
for him. Personally, I think that is a completely messed up
mindframe. People are hurt plenty without looking for it,
and I wouldn't want to sacrifice my self-image just in
order to write better poetry. I just wouldn't.

So I'm in a very philosophical mood tonight. I haven't been
in one of those in a long time. I am going to go and try to
sort through all of the other weird thoughts in my head.
Maybe I will write again later.

Goodluck and God bless!

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