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*insert diary name here*
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2002-09-24 22:17:10 (UTC)

*points* look mommy shes crazy


i aint crazy, stupid, fucked up. just werid and in a sick
and twisted way. the damn shit heads who shut down my life
out look are going to lose so many more fans this way. so
suck it you bastards!

oh but there 'real people' with 'real feeling' the stories
arent real. its not like any of its true, even if IT WAS
true hell i wouldnt mind one second of it.

id enjoy watching billy and joel or benji go at it, or
benji and joel become closer. that make my day, and then

*sits back with her mug of cream soda* ahh sugar.. help me

oh a guy just came up to my door, and he goes to my hs. how
wonderful it that? *plans to rape him* so much fun