2001-07-27 01:31:25 (UTC)

A kiss of lies?

Today something unexpected happened. Ryan kissed me. I
couldn't believe it. I didn't even think he thought of me
in THAT way. But afterwards he told me he's been wanting to
do it for a while. The way he did it was so cute. I wont
forget it in a hurry. So I told my best friend Josh about
it and in return I got an even bigger surprise: he liked me
as well. So now I have two guys who like me. I don't
understand why this is happening. I mean the other day when
I liked Peter, I couldn't even get one guy. So now that I
decided to stay away from them all I get two!? Is that
ironic or what? In all honesty I like Ryan more. I don't
know very much about him though. So I'll have to ask
around. He's going to therapy soon so he wont be on for a
while. I'll miss him heaps. But I'll survive. Always have,
always will. I have an appointment at the doctor's tomorrow
so she can see how my medication's going. It's been making
me sick, and it makes me drowsy. But I have to go and see
her. I don't want to though. Oh well I can't do much else.
So it's off to the doctor's in the morning. Dammit!!