the ups and downs of my life
2002-09-24 21:46:44 (UTC)

nothing special

nothing really happened today test back i got and 89%( he says it the
easist test)

math.......progress report 100% homework


history....huge packet due friday on teddy rosevelt that
we have to read got test back 59/65

biology...more homeowrk

spanish...test tomorrow

^aint that so interesting!!! i know u all think it is lol

wel i found out the church my mom went to on sunday New
MIford Baptist inst the one alicia goes to she goes to
South New Milford Baptist

well..not much today.. i want to go to a leather store and
get a leather coat. i eally want one i want it to be a
carmel color and i want it as long as just below my going to use the 50 dollars my uncles from
germany gave me to buy something that i will use forever
and its been about 5 years since i got it and i finnaly
have something i want to buy with it yipee

wel io have to go