Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-09-24 17:14:28 (UTC)

like a hurricane!!!

hey people. how's life out there? i'd like to say hello
and come to our show's. cuz if you miss us play, then you
are missing the best looking, showiest, rock'n band. i
mean seriously, no band but us has every member that is
good looking, and we freak'n put on a show for you folks,
cuz it's about entertainment. so if you miss our shows
now, you're going to regret one day. hey, i'm sorry we
can't play show's for you younger folks, but we still love
you. one day you'll be old enough to see us. but for now
you can rock to our cd's. enough of that though. i'm
doing good, i'm tired as heck and i just wann rock for a
living. i had a really good time with my in-law's.
especially my 9 month old twin nieces. so, love us now or
later, we are going to be big, boys and girls. open up and
say ahhh!!!!