kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
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2002-09-24 17:08:20 (UTC)

I'm back to the grind

I'm back at school again. The newest change is I'm
hanging out with Mandy more. It's a little strange to
hear her talk about Dave. I know they like eachother, but
still. I think I just like knowing he thinks I'm
pretty...perhaps a little sexually appealing. If that
doesn't change then I'll be ok. I still don't ever want
to know when they do it.

Maybe that all sounds wierd. It's not like she is going
to tell me when they do it. He might give it away in
something he says. Or perhaps he might tell me outright.
He does seem to tell me things like that now and then.

I am a little worried about him though. I know that they
are not in any way shape or form starting something
serious yet, but she seems to be more flirty and outgoing
than he is. She seems to go out and flirt with all kinds
of guys. I hope Dave knows that.