crackheads thoughts
2002-09-24 13:43:56 (UTC)

why hide stuff when it back fires on you!

well, its been a while since i said anything on here so i
just thought that i would say what i wanna say. People just
dont get it do they!! how can one thing be so great and
then in two days it turn in to shit!! i really dont
understand that!! people say not to hide stuff from
them..then you find out one day that they are hiding stuff
from you!! it is really starting to make me mad....but i
dont guess they can see this..or if they can they just dont
want to see it. but as everyone know's i *WILL* always love
this person forever!! and i cant help it if they come here
and read this.....this is just has to be out!!

I wish the stupid bell would hurry up and ring..but im
not whole world know's me better
than that! why you do this i will never know!!!!