through the looking glass
2001-07-26 21:07:59 (UTC)

Another Turn

Today Is my clensing Day I refuse to go any farther from my
God. I want to be back in his love. I refuse to be Far from
my love anymore. I went on a date the other day with this
guy I din't realy know he decided that he need to Fuck
Kristin in the middle of the date. He tried shit with her
that night and last night serves him right last night she
totaly rebuffed him. :) I have been talking with Tim alot
recently I think he is going to go After Nichole I hope so
he deserves someone good. ME I am in a day of prayer and
clensign but it isn't working every well because I am still
doing somethings I shouldn't at least when you are in a Fast
you have your hunger to remind you of your commitments. I
know more than ever now that God is awsome. I refeuse to
back down I knowthat right now he is planning a wonderfull
year of Growth for me weather that is here or at the honor
academy I haven't decided yet. I realy want to be poured
into more than I have been before. As far as the coffee shop
life goes I am sick of all the shit that has been being
pulled with regards to most of those people
I still love all of them even Eric but I can't be around him
unless its to make sure he knows he didn't win and I will be
strong in the lord. I also started my Excercize regimin
todya I can't wait to get up to where I am suppose to be
tomorrow I am waking up and going for a lap swim at the VC
Pool. Only only 19 more days till I go to the HOnor Academy
if I go now if not I will be in school in a little less
than a month. I realy want to go to the Honor Academy and I
know in my heart that eventualy God Wants me to GO to I just
have to wait for the when. Well thats about it for me I am
soo glad this month is about over welcome August Good Bye
July and all the pain it caused.. Oh well
Well God bless to all of you I guess I am going to chill at
home and pray as soon as my CD gets done. I hope someday all
those I know come to see God in his true way. Me I wish I
would have gotten to go to LA it makes me realy hunger for
missions more to see every picture that is on the Global
expiditions web site if you wanna check out what I mean go
to www.teenmania.org they have an awsome mission control
site. I am moving back into the dorms this fall I think it
will be well worth it. Well gotta run God Bless to all
Lisa Marie Fuqua