Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-09-24 11:49:18 (UTC)

Yawn yawn yawn

Nowt much's been happening recently, my precious SeeD has
died on me. Last time I be nice when I'm connected to that
network of doom. I was installing an update when some asian
girl asked if the network points net to the one I was using
were available. I said no but I was nearly done so she
could have my access point. The downloads finished and I'm
sitting there waiting for the damn thing to install
completely but its taking its sweet time. So much time
infact that I have to get Lee from Polwarth for the
Sociology lecture. I shut SeeD so he can finish the process
on his own but instead he shuts himself down and fucks up
the installation rendering my computer totally useless.
Windows XP refuses to load and instead loads to the point
where the login/welcome screen appears but instead of that
just restarts. Its very annoying especially since all my
installation disks are still at home since I didn't expect
to have to use them so soon. Its even more annoying that it
happens at the start of the week so I have to wait till the
weekend before I can fix it. Thats 4 days away! I need
SeeD! Computing Science people messed up as well, they say
I am doing 3131, the beginner class but I have the skill to
be in 3141, the regular class. I can't be bothered with the
paperwork of ching their decision, I'll just go sign up for
a tutorial and practicals in 3131 and do the work they give
me. Time's running out though, the class I want to do is at
2pm today (Tuesday) and its almost 1pm now so I have to go
and talk to the secretary of the Computing Science and
Mathematics departmnt before then to see fi there is
anymore space left in that slot. If not I'll have to settle
for an early mornign rise again. Thats something too, the
lecture times are completely different for the two courses
so I will have to get a copy of the class times for 3131
and put them in my timetable. It'd be a lot easier if the
student portal wasn't down, damn morons!!! Ah sod it, I
have a cold and I'm really tired, and have to finish my
laundry. Boring Boring Boring!

Till next time Space Kittens!

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