down in my eyes
2002-09-24 09:51:11 (UTC)

Hell yeh.

I have noothing to say. Nothin interesting, atleast.
Sound familiar? Do I EVER, anyway? Blah.

Anyway, i went to Blockbuster taday, 'n i saw SUGARCULT
on tv. They were on VH1! Rock on.
I'm proud of those guys.. Next, we just gotta roll
Never Heard Of It, Rudiger,.. 'n Yellowcard, up there.

I also saw Tyler at Blockbuster. We've known each
other since we were 5.. 'N altho we've never been really
Close,... we've been close enough that we were both
happy to see each other. He greeted me with a big
hug, then proceeded to tell me for the 70th time about
the video tape he has.
Tyler has a video tape, his mom had taped when we were
in Kindergarden. It was for some sort of school play,
'N supposedly in his video,... I'm in there.. I see
Tyler sitting at the side of the stage, so i walk over
to him. I sit next to him, 'n put my arm around him,
He puts his arm around me, too, 'N then we just sit there.

I asked Tyler, "Were we really dorky back then?!"
He laughed, 'n told me Heck ya. All of us were
wearing wonderful polka dot 'N striped clothes, 'n all
that good stuff. Fantabulous.