Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-09-24 07:31:12 (UTC)

stuffy nose

hello again..its ben. did you know that jenniferlovehewitt
is a singer? im watching her video right now. shes hot and
all.. but i wonder if she wasnt in some movies before would
this song be on tv right now. i for one am not rushing out
to buy it. oo.. bon jovi now. awesome. tonight me and matt1
and kelly went to the cotton club and saw (the)doves there.
it was nice. kelly gave me a matthew sticker and that was
nice. i like kelly. shes gonna start helping us out with
some promotions stuff and booking. another person i like is
ed. he has been helping us for a long time and not getting
alot out of it other than love and respect from us..because
we make no money and are all dirt poor. but i just want to
give them a shout out. and i just got a text message from
my new favorite person. funny that shes up at 331. hmm.