My so called life...
2002-09-24 07:05:44 (UTC)

"Make someone smile?" "Tell someone their beautiful?????"

Listening to: Sublime - No Woman No Cry & Elvis Presley -
Suspicious Minds
Reading: Charles Dickens - Great Expectations
Mood: Not to bad, thanks for asking. (Damn I'm starting to
lose it.)

I was kind of bored tonight. I'm sick of TV and didn't
feel like reading Dickens, so I started surfing the web.
Some how in my search for a new pair of running shoes, I
ended up here. I started reading some of the entries other
people wrote. Its something I never really do. I feel
weird about it. I guess I feel like I'm intruding on
someone else's privacy but ironicly, I wouldn't care if
anyone read my stuff. I guess people wouldn't make it
public if they cared.

Anyways, as I was reading, I just became dumbfounded, I
mean just floored. Its strange to think that someone, some
person, hundreds if not thousands of miles away, is
sitting in front of their computer in the exact same
position as I am. Sitting there in pj's and just typing
away. It also seemed to me that people in general have the
same problems. Love, Money, Friends, Family, and nowadays

I wish I could just help someone out. Make someone smile.
Take someone's problems away for just one day. To give
someone hope. To tell someone that they are beautiful and
that everything will be okay.

Woooooow, what the hell did I just say. "Make someone
smile?" "Tell someone their beautiful?????" Oh no my
feminine side just came out. DAMN, I've been so emotional
lately. What the fuck is wrong with me. Is this how girls
feel? REALLY??? FUCK, they have to deal with this shit,
monthly menstrual cycles, and with child birth? FUCK
THAT!!! I don't mean any offense but DAMN, you girls have
it pretty rough!!!!

Fuck, that's the last time I'm watching "Sex in the City."

Excuse me but I need to go rent "Rocky," down some 40's,
get in a bar brawl or just go out and KILL something with
a 12 gauge shotgun. I need to replenish my testosterone.
Don't wait up, I might be awhile.

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