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2001-07-26 20:02:06 (UTC)

Goin to see Skandal n Blue!

Hey hey!! well, im still in a hyper! but neway!! i went
into town today with my of my best mates, victoria (fick).
she was with her mum, sister and nephew! her nephew
(cieran) is 2 weeks younger than my nephew and he is lovely!
i got some hairclips and a new eyeliner for the christening
next week. im off back to town tomorrow with mum, kathryn,
annette and declan, so im gona get sum more hair stuff! im
also havin hair trimmed tomorra...not coloured, im getting
it coloured next week. ive just seen blues new vid again :D
it is dam good that song! and lee..well he is looking dam
good! talkin of lee....im online talkin to the other lee
again :) i love talkin to him, he makes me laff! he is so
sweet! he is going on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks :( thats
TWO WEEKS WITHOUT TALKIN TO HIM!! how will i survive?! i
think i'll email mattie-jay (busted) or darren (skandal)
they can cheer me up! i'll miss him though!! ah well never
mind! i cant believe how fine lee ryan from blue is tho!!
he is just...lovely! he has that sweet smile and those blue
eyes and that lush hair! plus he is a great dancer and
singer! he is ideal!! annette told me today that she is
going to take me to Hull to see Skandal and Blue nxt month!
YAAAAAAY! im so excited coz i'll b helping skandal hand out
flyers and stuff! i so cant wait!! im gona get to meet
skandal..at long last! and probably even meet blue! (LEE!)
and busted (MATTIE-JAY!) i dont think i will b able to cope
with it all!!! im so excited!!! well, im off now, speak to
u tomorra! i love my life at the minute!
Love Christina

PS: elizabeth got kicked out of big brother! YAAAAAAAAY!!!
and i voted for brian another few times :) hehe

SONG OF THE DAY: Blue 'Too Close' (AGAIN! lol!)

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