2001-07-26 19:44:09 (UTC)

my dream:)

last night i had a good dream....i had a dream that i got
picked for real world and my MOM was on it with and
so was one of one of the guys i dated named
and we were in one of my old houses for the big house lol
but that house is kind of old and not very big lol so
anyways it was the first night there and we had this big
huge pool in the back patio....and it was really late and
me and brandon were out there swimming and we started
kissing LOL and "doing stuff"...
lol it was a kool dream becuz it brang back memories
that i had with brandon!!! and it reminded me of his
personality and how much fun we had together!!! lol i just
thought i would write this dream down becuz it makes me mad
soemtimes when i can't ever remember my dreams:)