the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-07-26 19:28:15 (UTC)

take of ur pants and Jacket : )



Hehehehee well I am getting excited over city .. I mean it
is cool to see Darcy proud of something I have done .. I
mean she is really judgemental and finally something she
approve of .. I mean I am all OMG !! so I dunno .. I am not
really sure what to say I mean nothing really is happening
in my life ? I am just kinda like Blah .. Everyone I just
wanted to say that MAcoronie in the BOx is the best ! :P
OKay I was thinking ya'll know like verything about my life
but really othing like stupid .. Like my favorites .. ya
know so her ya go :)

1. favorite color : yellow and Blue
2. Favorite song : Home by staind
3. Favorite food : Macaronie in the box
4. favorite band : Blink 182 or staind
5. favorite person: Jeff
6. favorite thing to do : bother the above ^
7. favorties purfume: polo sport for women
8. favorite place to go : to my bed
9. hotest guy I have ever met in person: Bubba Meador
10.hotest guy I want to meet : Aaron Lewis from stained
11.stupidest band :the sea snakes
12.favorite tv show: MTV real world
13.I drive : a 2000 tacoma
14.I am gonna be : a surgen
15.freakest friend: Justin * the mortishan*
16.thing I hate most : my mom
umm I dunno that is like some of the stuff .. I am not
really sure whateles to say so I am outta here