A day in the life....
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2002-09-24 05:13:06 (UTC)

What Can I Say?

I keep rather busy...lately more-so. Life is interesting to
say the least, as always. I have my final week-day work at
CVS this Friday: I agreed to stay on and work every other
Saturday/Friday alternatively. Swing Society is busy as
always, IV is going alright, ABC is going alright, Brian
and i are pressing onward slowly but surely, family is
alright, classes and school are okay..but yeah, it's life.

Swing has been quite busy the past week. I've been helping
put together a 4-couple performance for homecoming week.
It's Awesome! i'm learning all the parts too 'cause i am
the alternate girl. That's a toughie. I co-taught tonight's
lesson at our weekly meeting which went well. I got to
LINDY HOP tonight!!! I was so excited and thrilled! :o)
Wish Brian were there...yeah...we have a dance at Dehority
dorm this Friday night. Fun Times!

I'm severely procrastinating..i have a lab write-up to do
for class tomorrow, a book to read, a Biology test to last
minute cram for, don't think i have anything in computers
or physiology that's due. ExSci we're doing push-ups and
sit-ups in class. Bring it on!

Brandon and i are practicing tomorrow afternoon, the swing
stuff. He has MUCH to learn, good thing i can teach.

I Really miss Brian. :o( When i'll next see him, i don't
know but hopefully sometime in the near-ish future. I love
him enough to let him be away from me when all i want to do
is keep him right with me...I don't need him to live, but i
want him. He's my best friend. I need sleep. God bless y'all