lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-09-24 04:48:20 (UTC)

let's be serious from now on...

ahh the boys are so weird. and by so weird, i mean
FREAKISHLY ABNORMAL! ahh! but it cracks me up.
we might go to boston market tomorrow night after the
race...yippee hooray! actually i'd rather go to el pollo
loco but whatever.

speaking of the race, i'm running varsity
tomorrow...yaaaay! really! yay! i'm excited.

eek and tomorrow is my first official all-club meeting for
interact/missions club, and i have to run the whole
thing and do it officially so i'm scared...eek. eek. it's
like halfway my friends (who will just laugh at me) and
halfway people who probably don't like me. haha don't
you love my confidence?