In The Mind Of A Genius Musician
2001-07-26 19:20:02 (UTC)


Well yesterday pretty much sucked...same old suckiness as
usual. I went to sleep at 6am and woke up at
basically no sleep for me.
The heat was so horrible outside today and I sat in the
house and played my guitar for 2hrs straight. I'm sort of
regretting it finger tips feel like they're on
fire. I'm not sure if that's good or bad lol....maybe it's
a sign that it's my destiny to be a guitar god lol.
After several hours of nothing...I went to Sam Ash and
picked up some guitar strings, and then headed for guitar
lessons and I was 15min late. I learned some chuck berry
stuff in lessons...and i found out my guitar teacher worked
with Fred Schnyder of the B-52s. I just had to tell amy's nice to give her a heart attack every once in
a while lol j/k
This is kind of old...happened monday but I had to play
at a car show in lovely downtown bound brook :( ok it
wasn't so bad. Me and amy had some red bull a couple hourse
before and I think it gave me some unmentionable problems
lol...and we arrived at the show and all I did was complain
and complain and I all I remember was amy yelling at me and
saying "SHUT UP!!!"...but of course I didn't shut up...not
sure why she bothers sayin that to me lol. During
intermission we got Jolt soda that stuff is like illegal
and I didnt'really feel the effects from the 2x caffeine
but I might have because i was able to run around and give
piggy back rides without passing out lol.
The show went really well, everyone in the band sounded
great but i sucked big time or least I think I did, and I
have to make friends with the people in the band. And I
have to get Shannon to stop picking on me.

And I vow to not give piggyback rides at shows for my
friends brother every again...well it wasn't to bad about
the most exciting thing that happened that night lol. :)