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My Affairs with MARRIED WOMEN
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2002-09-24 04:36:35 (UTC)

Secret Affairs with Married Women Section 1 Part J

Greeting readers esspecial to Cherisse, well it is
intermission time! Sharon arrived around 5pm, she took the
day off from work to see her doctor to see how the baby
was doing. She or the doctor has confirmed she is carrying
twins and both appear to be girls! That will make her
husband's ego get the big head! Hope he does ask for a DNA
workup. Anyway Holly was quite nervous and tried to duck
out, but I wouldn't let her. Sharon seeing Holly asks "Who
is she?" I told her the girl downstairs and we we're
getting to know each other.

Sharon asked as she looked over Holly, "And how long has
this been going on" showing a wee bit of jealously? I told
her, "About a day and two nights!" She looked at Holly and
asked, "Honey you leave anything for me?" Holly
replied, "Well he was a little gamey this morning! Can I
ask who's baby that is your carrying!" Sharon
replied, "Well my husband thinks it his, but it is all
Robert! Oh honey the doctor said I have twin girls! That
is why I wanted to come and see you."

Then Sharon took Holly into the bedroom for a chat, but I
think they were doing a lot more than just talking, a hour
later they came out in some see thru nighties I have
saying it was my turn? I got into bed and Sharon rode the
horsey as she likes to call it. Holly got on my face and I
ate her out while they hugged, kissed and swapped spit
feeling each other's breast's and sucking on them. I told
Holly with all the noise the bed was making at least she
didn't have to listen to it.

Both were soon cumming and having orgasm as Sharon was
pounding away on me. Actually teasing me to the point of
almost ready to cum then she would stop. After the third
time I told her don't stop let me cum. Then she and Holly
swapped places and I cummed in Holly as Sharon sprayed me
good with her pussy juices as she cummed. Then scared the
shit out of me saying "Oh shit I busted my water!" Holly
cracked up laughing they thought it was funny! I didn't.

We laid in the bed and talked and I gave Sharon a good
workout with my Jelly dildo. She wanted me to fist her and
I declined scared of hurting her or the babies, boy is she
getting big. Anyway I took a picture of her as a keep sake
and she got dressed and had to go back home. Which is
where we is now! Holly is sitting next to me playing with
Maxwell whispering how horny she is for me. I told her to
go get the bed ready. There is sweet thing in Florida I am
going to be thinking about the next hour or two! Well