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2002-09-24 03:47:29 (UTC)

Washington, DC

I am going to DC on Friday. Yup. Going to visit Chris. I
wanted to go to college in DC actually. George Washington
University. I wanted to row for them. It was the middle of
December 1998 when I went there. It was freezing cold, the
wind cutting through me with a knife. It was wonderful.

I didn't get accepted into the school. So, that was that.
I could only have gone if I had gotten a full rowing
scholarship, but I wasn't good enough for that either. I
fell in love with the city. I loved it before I even
considered going there for college. I love history. All
that history is is stories. The life stories of many
people are told in that city.

I'm really nervous actually. I mean, there is absolutely
NO reason for me to be so, but I am. We've already met and
spent a week together. And I talk to him all the damn
time. He's my best friend after all. But he still manages
to say things that give me butterflies in my stomach.

I hope...............I don't know what I hope. I