Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2001-07-26 19:03:29 (UTC)

...Bridesmaids from Hell, today, on Ricki Lake...

A lot of things have happened in the past few days.
Let me just make a little tally, and then I'll vent.
1. Gini and Koby did "everything but sex", and she
spent the night at his house 3 nights in a row (I
guess my little girl's growing up) :)
2. Jacki and Tony gave us 3 day notice that they're
leaving, and stuck us with the full rent that's due
in a week. Jacki and Tony, as in my bridesmaid and
best friend, and my surrogate brother. Yeah, FUCK
3. Connie quit at work, so now I'm running the whole
damn office

I'm so pissed off about Tony and Jacki fucking us over
like this that I can hardly contain myself. She's supposed
to be my fucking best friend for christ's sake. Fucking
bitch. IF Ryan and I are even able to AFFORD this wedding,
now that we'll be in debt and all, they are SO not invited.
I'll just have my maid of honor be Gini, and no one else.
She would never do something like this to me. She has a
conscience and values to live by. Fucking whatever. Jacki
doesn't have a job right now, so I have a feeling they'll
flounder anyway. And there is not a chance in hell that I
will ever help them out, with anything, ever again. I never
want to see either of their fucking faces again. They have
destroyed our wedding plans. FUCK THEM.