xXx Life As Becoming a Lesbian xXx
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2002-09-24 03:31:34 (UTC)

A Poem I Wrote


You were all I needed, at least that's what
I thought. You were the only one I loved,
even when we fought. We were going to get
married, we knew it all along. Until the
day that I blew it all off. You always
made me laugh, and very seldom made me cry.
I knew I messed up, so I tried to hide.
I didn't want you to know the feelings I had
inside, I always kept them bottled up just
to keep my pride. I didn't mean all the
pain that I caused you. I never wanted to
make you blue. I love you so much please
take me back, I promise I will stay on the
right track. I will be true, as true as
they come. Please forgive me for what I
have done. We should be together, you know
that in your heart. Just give one more
chance, this is the future forget the past.
I will be with you always not always with
your body, but with your soul. I love you.

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