oakland's girl
2002-09-24 03:05:52 (UTC)

them country boys on the rise...

After a long long long day (with no lunch!), I return home
for a pleasant reminder that I haven't written anything here
for a long-ass time. Get ready, the promised/obligatory
who-dat is comin' atcha:

Name: Sele Nadel-Hayes
Birthday: September 17, 1981 (just missed it!)
Hometown: Oaktown, baby!
Height: 5'9.5
Weight: Ha.
Hair: medium-long today, dark brown and mildly curly
Eyes: dark brown
Skin: Tan/Beige/Burnt Umber... no crayola for me!
Schools: Emerson Elementary, Chabot Elementary, Claremont
Middle School, The College Preparatory School, Macalester
College, Life.
Job: Organizational Development Administrator at Kids First
Likes: music, ice cream, jeans, photography, Corona,
Jamaica, New Balance, Raiders, The Boondocks, Mickey's
Diner, laughing, reading, typing, taco truck, candles, shots
of rum, maps, dogs, my phone, my new house and roomies,
Enrique, and...
Dislikes: white-hat boys, bad smells, falling down, murder,
the state of Oakland schools, disorganization, and...
Favorite Movies: Amelie and Chicken Run. You bet' recognize.
Favorite Book of the Moment: "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" by
Paulo Freire.

More to come...