§titch my wri§ts heal my wounds

46 §titche§ acro§§ my wri§t§
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2002-09-24 02:55:27 (UTC)

Sk8erChick2004: u dont want to..

Sk8erChick2004: u dont want to talk to me anymore do u
SpOrTStUdRyN333: y
Sk8erChick2004: i understand if u dont
Sk8erChick2004: :-[ i'll leave u alone and never bother u
Sk8erChick2004: pretend u never met me it will make life
so much easier!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: no!
SpOrTStUdRyN333: listen
Sk8erChick2004: ok
SpOrTStUdRyN333: i aint aloud on the phone
SpOrTStUdRyN333: b.c. of my grades
Sk8erChick2004: oh...
Sk8erChick2004: but still... one second u act like u dont
care who i am or what im talking about and the next sencond
ur all nice to me again
SpOrTStUdRyN333: i love you still sam
SpOrTStUdRyN333: always will and forever
Sk8erChick2004: then why do u treat me like u dont care???
SpOrTStUdRyN333: member is no longer able to recieve
instant messages, member is currently offline.

i wish i could explain how deep i feel for him and how much
i want him back but alls i can say is that i love him and
he's my entire world, this past week has been hell since he
dumped me and i feel like im losing all my friends one by
one... i need a shoulder to cry on but i dont know where to
turn... i told him i love him and id do anything for him or
to get him back he told me he loves me too but said nothing
about getting back together, i just hope he takes me back
b4 it's to late! i want this weekend to be special just me
and him at the football game and then he can come over :)
but if were not together by then im not sure what will
happen at the game... he might be all over someone else!!!
i wouldnt be able to handle that at all! or he might be all
over me and think we can be friends with benefits but thats
not what i want i want us back! US!!! me and him and nobody
else!!! JUST US!!! please send feedback i could use a
friend right now :(

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