2001-01-21 00:52:37 (UTC)

ring in the sounds of joy and..

ring in the sounds of joy and wonderment...oOoOOoOOOooOoOOo
i sing the songs of glory in adoration of the beautiful
earth. its getting dark but i can still see nothing will
stop me as long as i see the light... all that you touch
and see and taste and feel and love and hate and stress all
we save all we give all that you deal all that you buy all
you create and destroy and all you say and do all the
dreams and everyone you meet and fight and all that is now
and all that is gone and to come and everything under the
sun is YOU! while the sun is eclipsed by the moon... the
ring of the bell the always ticking clock. the dull day and
the time i waste all a part of the here and now but all can
be lost in what i see as a day.