The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-09-24 02:36:49 (UTC)

Wind Chimes Are Creepy!!!

Yes at night when Im trying to sleep and I hear whind
chimes it freaks the hell out of me. They are just so eary
and disonnant. Its just creepy. Yes wind chimes are scary
at night. In the daytime they are fine but when your
trying to sleep and you hear its just creepy. I guess it
reminds of death. Gentle and ready to take you away at any
moment. Oh well. They say its healthy to have fears. I
donno I guess at night wind chimes equal death in my mind.
Sounds the like the makings for an interesting novel. Who
knows. My mind works in ways that scare me sometimes.
Well Im gonna stop telling you how creepy wind chimes are.
I like this journal. Its a good way to vent emotions. Ive
been feeling pretty good since I think it was saturday
night. College is stressfull but I like it so far. Music
is fun. Well goodnight. I will write next time I have a
chance. Which seems to be once a week to actually write.

Goodnight and I hope I dont hear the wind chimes tonight.

Oh I just realized that I just went into some inner
physcology crap. I donno shutting up.