My Reality
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2002-09-24 02:31:49 (UTC)

Wait wait wait..thats all i ever do!!!

damn it i am tired of waiting i want what i want and i want
it now...i want to go to school for what i want to do and i
want to live where i want to live which is far away from
here and i want to date who i want to date..."J" duh...and
i want to fuck him now damn that too much to ask..i
want a job i want an apartment all to my little lonesome
and i want some good sex from the man that i cant get
enough of...i dont think by any means thats too much to ask
i just keep waiting..i am waiting for "J" to call..i am
waiting for thanksgiving in the slight chance that i get to
see "J" which also opens up the slight chance that i get to
sleep with him...which honestly has become an all consuming
thought here class while im studying while i eat
while i am in bed...he is all i think about...i honestly
think that we are going to be together one day but its just
hard right now bc i keep waiting for that oppurtunity to
pose itself and it just seems like i have been waiting
forever...god damn it was such a tease..i find the guy that
i didnt think existed..i find that guy that says the right
thing all the damn time..i find the guy that has similar
beleifs as i do..i find the guy that wants a lot of what i
want..i find a guy who makes me erfectly happy, and it
seems that i kind do it for him to , and guess what...yep
he ass!!!!!! and though technically i am
not waiting on him i kinda am without trying.... i am not
waiting bc he has promised me a lifetime of happiness with
him..he has made it quite clear that there is a good chance
we wont be together..i am waiting bc i am just not
satisfied with anyone else..they all kinda suck when i
compare them to "J"....
waiting waiting waiting..i am waiting for my life to fall
into place, and i know it sounds bad, but i am kinda waitng
for "J" so i can talk to him and figure out where my life
is going...oddly enough though i want to move away far far
away, and it just seems perfect bc virginia would give me
far away from home and a job and my own apartment and
surprise surprise it would give me "J"..sadly enough i just
have to get him to see things my way...which in the past
doesnt seem to be as easy as i would like it to be...GOD I
thats all i gotta say he is great i have no complaints..i
have never met a guy so sweet and intelligent and caring
and giving and willing to make other ppl happy....he is the
kind of guy that would give you the shirt off of his back,
he would do anything to help someone could i ask
for better than that..i have dated a few ppl in the past
and i have experience the sucky and the really really
really sucky and of all the ppl i have been involved
with "J" is the most amazing guy i have ever met....he
truely is all i have ever wanted...and it is seriously
biting me in the ass!!!! oh well we will see what
happens....i am sure it will work out in the end.....i