Day to Day
2001-07-26 18:29:40 (UTC)

Hi : )

Ok, I'm at work, and I'm HIGH. : ) I went home on my lunch
break and smoked a couple of nice bowls. : ) Newayz, I'm
now munching on my lunch, at work! Ha Ha Ha Ha. Maybe I
won't notice all the drama around here now. Be right
back . . .
. . . ok I am back now. This might not be a good idea next lunch
break, I think I'm tweeking out. Newayz, still no word from Jeff. I
bet he is avoiding me ( no honesty in this relationship?! ) what is
he scared or something? Fuck it! La La La, I am making 5oo copies of
letterhead, and the damn printer is getting on my nerves.
I really have a problem about daydreaming, I do it all damn day. And
I think about stupid stuff. Whatever, I am not even making sense to
me, I'll write in a little while.

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