Roy Whiteside

My Intersex Chaos
2002-09-24 01:29:08 (UTC)

I guess this my life.

i needed a job (a hand up) not anti-depressants(hand down)
I guess this my life.

a lone ........ superglu on tha head of my dick. They didn't get my virginity. So they took everything else. The one thing I was proud of, and leave me nothing. All becuase I*m not gay. I am intersexed, they do not even want to understand these people tortured me, my whole life long. Starting at age five, the intersex society is suppose to get in touch with me. Insted, I get ran over by the gay mofia, and this time they took everything.
They are always lead by one of my sisters cusins, the gay cranes. And guess what I live on tha street that got tha same name a my sisters father ross.

My social worker talk me into this, and now there is no way out. This Thing called society is taking everything. Down to the tickle in my penis. It's dead.

I didn't wanna be Janet Jackson, I just wanted to be independent. I want to live on my own, they think everyone want to be like them. They have sex every night. They speading VD's and they think that their pay their debt to society in general.

I wondr if they have ever thought, maybe some people want more than sex. I have men that turned into drag queen. On my ass becuase I won't come out gay. When if it wasn't for them and their antics. I would have a job, I would have a family, not that I am that hungry for someone to care for me. Those are or were my nature human instincts. To educate myself and to excersice my mind and raise a family.

That is all I wanted is to give someone a better chance than I had.