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2001-07-26 17:08:41 (UTC)

tru love!!

i am so frustrated grrrrrr im babysitting brent rachel and
brooke brent and rachel are my bro and sis but brooke is my
dads gfs daughter and she is kinda mentally retarted and
my brother and sister are enuf i dont need her either but i
think i am gettin payed quite a bit they are finally
sitting and watching something wo bothering eachother "the
book of pooh" and then brooke refuses to put her underwhere
back on! and she could possibly pee at any second i hate my
life but on the other
.......Chris and I started goin out on March 23 and we met
b4 valintines day..its a online relationship i swear this
guy is more of my soul mate then my best friend i love him
so much i dont ever want to leave him!! and he doesnt want
to leave me! my girl best friend says that something will
come up and he will leave me cause of another girl and i
was like shut up you just want it to b u! she talkes to him
and shes kinda attracted to him but she wont tell me..he
told me..we dont keep ne thing from eachother..he knows all
my x didnt know half of them..i trust chris
more i know its kinda weird but we talk about marriage and
having kids and every time i bring it up hes like 'baby not
to dissapoint you but thats like 5-10 years away' lol i was
like aww its okay ill shut up but he likes talkin about it
we have decided on no more then 4 kids and we have names
but they mignt change but you never know!here are the names
Brianne Nichole
Caleb Michael
Mackenzie Trinity
we havent decided btween these 2
Kailah Megan
Aina Megan
i donno wat the hell has gotten into me but i really think
its love i really i think i need to change the
way im doin these diary things cause i think i am doin
these totally wrong i need to use my brain better but i
donno im gonnna go!! toots